goodbye military, hello full-time dad

‘This might not be an easy time

There’s rivers to cross and hills to climb

Some days we might fall apart

And some nights might feel cold and dark

When nobody wins afraid of losing

And the hard roads are the ones worth choosing

Some day we’ll look back and smile

And know it was worth every mile’

~Chris Stapleton~

Hey Friends,

Today, April 26, 2021 is my first day on terminal leave with the United States Coast Guard after a 10 year career. This was a decision that took years to make and these last few months we really feel God led us right where we needed to be to finally have the courage to take the step we’ve questioned for years.

At 19, I found out I was going to be a Dad. As I’ve been reflecting over the last ten years I didn’t realize how much me becoming a Dad would alter the course of my life. I was confused about college, work and life and I didn’t have any direction. I was scared, I hadn’t found my inner compass yet and I was a shy timid kid. After much consideration Katelyn and I enlisted with the Coast Guard to guarantee that we could provide for the little boy that was on his way. 

After 10 years, 6 kids, 3 states, 9 homes and through many highs and many lows we are still standing side by side, stronger than ever before. This past winter as a family we decided that our dreams are worth chasing and we were done waiting. Time is the only thing we cannot get back especially with our kids and their childhoods. 

Today, as a family we are closing this chapter. I am stepping away from active duty military to pursue freedom for our family. These 10 years have blessed us in so many ways. It allowed me to continuously support my family when I was just a confused young adult finding my way. I had a career full of experiences and memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. There are so many people who have impacted my life, some for a season – and others for a lifetime. I can’t thank you all enough.

For all the days, birthdays and holidays I missed you were there holding things together. For those who know her, Katelyn was made for being a mom and a wife. Thank you Katelyn for always being there when I came home after longs nights, long flights and deployments waiting with banners and love. After today there won’t be a birthday or special day missed. We are now a full-time family like you said we would be 10 years ago. Here’s to so many amazing memories. 

Follow along in our stories today to take a walk down memory lane with us @our.greight.escape 🤍 ✈️ 


Our Greight Escape

4 thoughts on “goodbye military, hello full-time dad

  1. We passed your camper at Bourne scenic this past weekend! Couldn’t help but check out the page since we didn’t see you around! Good luck! Congrats on choosing a better future with your fam!


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