Making Our Greight Escape

Hey Friends!

Welcome to our blog! We are so excited to finally show you what we have been working on behind the scenes! As we are sure you have noticed we changed our name from ‘Our Crazy 8’ to ‘Our Greight Escape’ and a lot of you have asked why, so we are laying it all out for you.

2020 taught us so much. In March we sold our 2700 sqft home to live full-time in our 37 foot Keystone Passport 3290 BH. We planned all of this before there was ever a pandemic. This decision shocked a lot of people since we had at the time 5 kids (pregnant with #6), 2 dogs, a cat and a hamster. I mean, we get it its a lot to fit into 37 feet but we felt such a sense of freedom and joy that we were lacking feeling trapped in all of our belongings. As the months passed and we spent more time together than we had in years we realized how much happier we were living simply and being together. Less really is more, at least for us it is! 

Going into 2021 we decided our word is FREEDOM and that is exactly what we are creating for our family. Cam is leaving the military. It feels so good that we can finally say it outloud. Most don’t get that decision and that’s okay because no one understood us from the beginning. We decided time was no longer something we were willing to sacrifice. We were both on board and oddly enough have the same exact vision for where we want to see ourselves and our family. A question we constantly ask each other is ‘if not now, when?’ That is a pretty valid question, right? If we don’t chase our dreams now then when will it ever be the right time? What if we wait for Cam to retire at 20 years in the Coast Guard? What if we play it safe? 

PSA to those reading this. We are done playing safe. Our children’s childhoods are happening NOW. We know we can’t get this time back with them and we don’t want to wish we could. This November we are leaving for the south and we aren’t looking back. Our goal as a family is to travel to every state within the United States, visit all the National Parks and explore every state and what they have to offer especially through their food. It won’t always be easy but we know we will never regret the experiences we are about to have as a family. We hope you buckle up with us and enjoy following our journey as we make Our Greight Escape and ditch the norm that we once knew.

Our Greight Escape



6 thoughts on “Making Our Greight Escape

  1. We just passed you 5/28/21 outside Harrisonburg,VA. Looked up and read your story – congratulations on such a bold move. Safe travels and I hope the kids are having fun.

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    1. We were just traveling behind you on the Bourne bridge. Enjoy your time on Cape Cod. Such a beautiful place. Best of luck with your adventure!


  2. Thanks for serving our country. What a cool way to live with your family. We just passed you on 95 entering GA. We drove from MD with our 4 children to escape the cold for the week.

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