Hello 2022… Family Update!

Hey Friends!

Can you even believe it’s 2022? The end of 2021 for us was busy and full of the best change possible for our family. In October we left Massachusetts and moved to South Carolina! Living back in Massachusetts was probably the hardest year and a half of our relationship so far but it was definitely needed. We learned and grew so much. Cam got to be a stay at home dad for 6 months while I, Kate, got a part time job at the campground we were staying at. I didn’t think I could love a job so much! BSP is the best! It was a really nice wake up call for the both of us and really got us to see and understand each others perspectives before we walked into this next season of life.

Cam is still in the Coast Guard Reserves (for now). We are fighting for Medical Freedom which we will save for another post but just know if you are fighting too, we see you. We know it’s the lonely road but God will always provide! We are really enjoying South Carolina we are in the Greenville area. We love the slow pace of the south and have truly enjoyed family time. Yes, for those of you wondering Cam does have a job here with a great company for the time being. They make transitioning from the military seem scary but it has actually been quite liberating and freeing for us. Cam works nights so we still get to be together during the days which definitely works best for all of us (maybe not so much for Cam but he is a trooper and we are grateful for him!!).

At the beginning of this year we both felt a big push to get quiet and just be where our feet were. For us that included taking a break from all social media. We missed our community for sure but getting to the end of the month we definitely had a BIG month with so many blessings! Many questions we had were answered (the same day actually), Maverick our fifth child potty trained on his own and our baby Sutton started walking at 16 months!!! We got to savor all the feelings and just be so present in our family and it was exactly what Cam and I required.

So what will 2022 look like? You guys will have to wait and see but our dreams are bigger than ever. We are still actively pursuing FREEDOM. I don’t want to say too much but it’s going to be good y’all. We have so many new posts coming at you. All about RV life, parenting, marriage, cooking… if you want to hear about anything specific please feel free to comment below or reach out!

Thank you for following along with our family! ♥️

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