Get Uncomfortable.

Hey Friends!

We know its been a while and we wanted to take a chance to fill you in about what has been going on in our world. Being stationary is very difficult for us considering we are more than ready to be on the road! The beginning of July we traveled to Florida to celebrate our oldest child turning… ELEVEN! We still cannot believe it. We stayed at one of our favorite campgrounds- Camp Margaritaville in Auburndale, Florida and we had the absolute best time. We went to Legoland twice, Busch Gardens and did a whole lot of relaxing and swimming at the pool. It truly sets our souls on fire when we can be on our own time. About two days in to our trip there the check engine light went on in the truck. We immediately took it to get checked and Cam got a code and from there the research commenced. We pretty much had it pinpointed to needing a new Acuator or Turbo and both were a very pretty penny. Cam had unplugged the batteries like friends recommended and we drove around a few days with it and then the night before we had to drive 600 miles back home it went off. We were clearly hesitant but we were able to pull our home back without an issue! We honestly praise God for that because the next morning Cam had to go to work and the truck was in full blown limp mode… turbo and actuator… GONE. If you know anything about diesels or the repairs that our poor truck needs it is not cheap by any means and it really couldn’t of happened at a more uncomfortable time for our family. It took us a few weeks to process it all and come up with a plan and with a lot of prayer we found a resolution and bought the part two days ago and it should be done within the next two weeks. It hurts right now in this moment but we are trying to hold a positive perspective. Sometimes when you are chasing your dreams things go wrong and get messy, hard and uncomfortable but that is okay. We can’t quit! Suffering leads to strength has been something in my head often. We already feel things changing for us and will without a doubt have these experiences in our pocket to relate to even more people!!! We are grateful for the journey and have many things in the works that we will update you on as they come into fruition. Thank you for following along on our journey!


Cam and Kate

Our Greight Escape

Legoland Florida in Winter Haven, FL

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