New Camper Necessities

Hey Friends!

So you got your camper, now what?!

We know it’s overwhelming! We had absolutely no clue what we were doing or what we actually needed prior to purchasing our first RV so we compiled a list of the things you’ll need prior to your first adventure.

Let’s get down and dirty right off the bat… let’s talk about poop. Yeah, this is by far the least appealing thing for all RVers. We have met many people (especially over the last few years) who loved the idea of full time RVing until they realized they had to empty their own waste. It’s not glamorous but hopefully as you read this we can help you feel more prepared! Let’s break down what you will need for your black, gray and fresh water tanks.

Black Tank: This would be your waste tank(s). Simple concept in the grand scheme of things but can cause so many stinkin’ issues, literally! Now, the necessities you will need for your black tank will be shown below starting with the hoses. We have been using Rhino Hoses since 2018 and only had one messy mishap. We will let you use your imagination on that one. We recommend getting multiple Rhino hoses of different lengths (like a 10ft and a 15ft) and a Camco Clean-Out Hose to rinse out after flushing. The Camco Sidewinder isn’t fully a necessity but we highly recommend this product. It has a gradual slope that allows you for the most part to go hands off while the tank empties. Lastly, the tank treatment. This not only helps with the smell but it helps break down the toilet paper to prevent issues like clogs and ‘poop pyramids’. Try different brands and find what works best for you. We have really enjoyed RV Digest!

Gray Tank: The Gray Tank is not nearly as difficult as the Black Tank but it can still cause you some headaches. Being a large family we have to empty our tanks more often than most. Pro tip… always keep your gray tank closed so you don’t have to deal with any smells. Both tanks work in tandem so everything you need for the black tank you’ll use for the gray tank. Nice and easy!

Fresh Water Tank: Your fresh water tank most likely won’t be used much unless you plan on boondocking or moochdocking which means camping with little to no hookups. You will either have a fill point on the outside of your rig that says fresh water (our travel trailer had this) or you’ll be redirecting the city water to the fresh tank using your water panel inside the ‘basement” which is what we have in our fifth wheel. When you have fresh water in the tank and you are ready to use it, you just turn on your water pump and it’s ready to use. Simple enough right?! 

Below are some of our favorite items and must haves for all things fresh water. Pressure regulator’s are very important because the water lines are made of thin plastic so if the pressure coming in is too high (greater than 45psi) it can burst the lines and flood your RV! Trust us, that’s the last thing you’d ever want. When flushing the tanks we made that mistake and broke a water line under the sink in our bathroom- true marriage building moments! Next, is water hose gaskets. These little guys prevent leaking along with Teflon tape at each connection point. This next item took us awhile to get for whatever reason but is extremely helpful in removing the strain from the hose connection point at you RV, this 90 degree elbow adapter is a must on these plastic ports because they break easily. Finally, water hoses. We make sure that we use the Lead & BPA Free water hoses we have a few different lengths. A bonus item and probably one of the most important necessities to our family is a quality water filter! We have tried the inexpensive ones from Walmart and Amazon but they did not last long enough or filter out enough metals and viruses for our liking. The Clearsource Ultra is a 3 step water filtration system (pictured below with our discount code) and is one of the most superior filters out there for RVers. If you want to see how awesome it works, head on over to our Instagram or Youtube channel!

Set-Up: Parking and setting up your rig is where the marriage building comes into play. We recommend using either your phones or walkie talkies to communicate. It’s not guaranteed to prevent them we hope it helps and prevents you from saying something you don’t mean too.. oof. There are some pictures below of what you may need for leveling and stabilization for your travel trailer, 5th wheel or Class A/C. A good set of heavy duty chocks are always worth the investment. These keep your RV from rolling forward or backwards…. yeah, necessity. The adapter pieces we use are from 50amp to 30amp and from 30amp down to your standard residential outlet. This allows you to keep your batteries charged no matter where you are parked. The only drawback is running your A/C units when you step down in power so do your research on what capabilities you have. The most important item on here is the Surge Protector. We have seen countless times where these items saved an RV and a family from a power surge that can happen at RV parks and campground.

We hope we could help you feel a bit more confident in purchasing your RV! Whether you are full-time, part-time or a weekend warrior we hope you get out there and have as many adventures possible! Be sure to follow along with our journey and please leave a comment if you have any more questions for us! We appreciate you being here!


Cam and Kate

Our Greight Escape

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